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This is my escape from real life, so you will find mostly Supernatural things here. I also like Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, Dexter and Hannibal, so there may be a bit of those from time to time. Dean Winchester, Castiel and Jesse Pinkman make me emotional. Come to think of it, so do Sam Winchester, Dexter Morgan, Daryl Dixon and Will Graham. I'm not technically a Dean/Cas shipper, it's just that I have eyes and ears and those two belong together. Also, I tend to quote Pearl Jam. I have "In Vedder I Trust" printed on my money.
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I fucking love Sam. He’s all Oh Snap your boyfriend just found out about the MoC, this ain’t gonna be good.

…and they bring out the daddy issues.  I want to marry this episode.


boy toy

omg this episode


I never thought the rumors were true


Holy shit the look on Cas’s face when he hears Dean’s voice.

Could they be more obvious??

Don’t spend nine years making us get excited about a character, spend a season making us fall in love with her and then giving her a death off screen for a ship that sunk years ago
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The lovely @lost-shoe asked me to explain my spec about Abbadon possessing Dean and Dean ending up killing himself with the first blade some more and since I had wanted to expand on my thoughts on that matter anyway, I am going to do just that right now. Since I am…



“Why do you do it?”

“’Cause they have a hard time! No one realizes how tough they have it. They got little kids chasing them, they got dogs chasing them, they got hawks after them, they got leaf blowers buzzing by them. You gotta think how rough they really got it. I’m trying to make it a little easy for them. That’s all.”

we need to replace the population of earth with 7 billion of this man

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